Blogger Workshop Business Program

Are you looking for new ways and solutions to generate more sales online or start conquering your target market?


Then the Blogger Workshop business course is the perfect opportunity for your business. From small to big-sized companies: we believe that influencer marketing is the most costs effective form of marketing on the market today - if done right.

What Is Blogger Workshop?

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Who is the business course for?

Blogger Workshop Business is for any business, company or brand that has a great product that is worth being shared with the world and may need a little help from social media and influencers to do so.

Don’t forget…

This is an investment into your business and yourself. We have built our business on influencer marketing and social media and we have helped countless others do the same thing. It’s a pleasure and we believe in this course 100%. We just love to see our clients to get results for their businesses just like we did for ours. Start to be innovative, educated and excited to approach influencers.


We will give you and your business a full refund if you do not get any benefit from our course in the first month.

What Is Blogger Workshop Business All About?

And How We Can Help You Grow Your Business

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The courses outcomes:

- Clear understanding and inside knowledge of the influencer world

- How to grow your social media audience

- A clear social media strategy for your business

- A clear influencer marketing strategy

- Personal growth and scaling plan

- How to reach out to influencers successfully

- How to work best with influencers to grow your business

- How to actually get amazing sales and new revenue streams

- How to pick the best matching influencer for you

- Pro’s and Con’s for in-house social media vs outsourcing to an agency

Course Curriculum


Is the Blogger Workshop Business course worth an investment for you? Absolutely, if…

1. You are looking to sell your product.

2. You want to generate cost effective and high-quality content for your page as well as for influencers presences.

3. You want to generate valuable awareness for your business and products.

4. You want to create a measurable hype or buzz around your business.

5. You want to get a fresh, creative perspective on new revenue models and ideas.

After successfully completing our course you will have the knowledge to start a full influencer campaign. We will provide you with all the insights, a clear step-by-step guide, useful e-mail templates and our personal expertise.


The Course and the coaching and consulting platform will be open 1st of January 2018 so jump on this Pre Sale now before places fill up.

We are only selling 10 spots to the Coaching and consulting group and giving away access to only 20 online platforms in this first round of pre Sales So make sure you dont miss out.

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

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